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Walking the Talk

Partnership with B-Alternative

When Jason Rahilly, builder and site manager, began the renovations to 147 Cecil Street in what was to become Epoch back in 2019, the first signs of something bigger emerged on day 1.  A sign to all who entered the site went up on the front door banning the use of single-use cups (see “The Story of Epoch” ).  It was an amazing thing to see.  Though small, it spoke volumes about what was trying to be born in Epoch: a more conscious, kind and aware planet.


3 years later, Epoch has forged a partnership with B-Alternative in which Jason plays a significant role.  Working with festival organisations, schools and other businesses, B-Alternative helps people reduce their ecological footprint on the planet in very practical and inspiring ways.  Knowledge is power and when people discover how to live more lightly on the planet, there is definitely no shortage of enthusiastic players in the space.  That’s the role of B-Alternative: providing knowledge (education) and practical strategies to help people make a difference.

James McLennan, General Manager of B-Alternative provides more detail:
“For most people, there are so many confusing messages around waste minimisation, recycling and reuse.  When that happens, it’s understandable that people start to disengage.  Our job is to help people know that the technology is changing rapidly and many systems are emerging that allow people more sophisticated ways of being a part of a truly rengenerative world, where our efforts are designed to improve the state of the world, not simply be “sustainable”.  We have to be better, and we CAN be better”

At Epoch, we are at the very early stages of putting together systems that help people to make conscious decisions in the space that reduce impact and as the video below shows, we are definitely a work in progress!.. but a willing learner to help others come on the journey as well. 


Together with waste minimisation strategies, we are soon to undertake a major solar power system on the extensive rooftop of the building with all Epoch tenants, as well as others in the building, keen to become a part of the pioneering energy system.  Again, it’s all about modelling:  if we can do it, then why not everyone?

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