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The Epoch Institute supports First Nations people to be recognised in the constitution

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

The Epoch Institute supports having First Nations people recognised in the constitution as the First People of Australia. The Constitution is the blueprint for Australian governance and it currently does not mention First Nations people.

We appreciate the years of work in took for First Nations people to deliver the warming Uluru Statement of the Heart, and on its advice to implement a Voice to Parliament for Indigenous people. It is critically important that First Nations people have an active say in the decisions that affect their lives and those of their communities. We know that First Nations people around the world live sustainably, in balance and respectful harmony with the earth. In a time of global climate crisis, it is important to listen to First Nations voices, to work together and to heal, for the implicit purpose of regenerating the earth and each other.

Recognising First Nations people in the Constitution and allowing them to have input into political decisions that effect their lives, is just one step in honouring the first people of Australia and redressing some of the harmful impacts they have endured from colonisation.

This land was never ceded.

Vote YES!



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