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Benefits of Coworking and In Person Meetings

Working from home and virtual meetings were essential to survive the global pandemic. Now the shift back to office spaces and meeting face to face is vital to the health and well-being of staff and organisational productivity.

There is no doubt that the main advantage of face-to-face meetings is better communication. Better communication helps build relationships and trust, and is recommended for team building, collaborations, brainstorms, planning, creativity and productivity. When conversations flow more organically with vocal, facial and body language cues, there are all the benefits of improved communication, and conflicts are also easier to resolve.

Meeting in person also means there are less external distractions and no technological problems. I'm sure you have all been in a virtual meeting where the technology fails, someone has to answer the door, respond to their children or even talk to their pet while in a meeting!

Team meetings or arranging to see clients, customers and colleagues face to face helps to make deeper connections, build trust and create strong long term business relationships.

When you meet someone face to face it indicates that you value people's time, are invested in them and the meeting and if you are meeting with your staff, that you care about the team's well being.

When you meet in the same room you can explore ideas and brainstorm in a way that flows naturally. Natural organic communication allows for the dynamic sharing of ideas essential in collaboration and productivity. Seeing someone's enthusiasm, or seeing that they don't like an idea becomes useful to the brainstorming, strategic planning and creative process. In virtual meetings people often spend time apologising for talking over someone and once finished, there is a definite end to the meeting. Whereas after a productive face to face meeting, the energy flow afterwards encourages collegial interactions and leaves one feeling more uplifted.

So is it time you came back to the office, got the team together, met your network face to face?

If you are looking for a cooworking space in South Melbourne, get in touch with studio manager Desi at the Epoch Institute at

We are a small community of purpose driven business, social enterprise, start up's, not-profit organisations, and individual change makers, addressing climate change and trying to make the world a better place. Coworking space desks can be full-time office solutions or part-time arrangements bringing together work from home teams.
Coworkers and external organisations can hire the Epoch Lab for workshops, strategic planning, training, talks, ideas-generation, group work or bring large work from home teams together for important team building.



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